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The Design Begins with You

Color Changing Illusion

A Solid White lamp is transformed with the LED bulb. Your choice of 16 colors. For instance, the one pictured above is a solid white, but the remote is set it to display a bright green.

Maryland Themes

Recently we partnered with  the highly acclaimed graphic artist David McMullens, Sr to offer you the best in Maryland Theme Favorites. Choose from Maryland flag Crab, Dog Paw, Hunting Deer, Turtle & more!

Many Patterns to Choose

With so many patterns to choose from, you may want to come to our booth and browse them all. Animal patterns, military branches, and funky designs.

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Solid White Lamp?

yes, it is transformed by the LED color-changing bulb

Get Creative

mix several colors to personalize yours

30 Interlocking Pieces

We can assemble or You can Do It Yourself

Maryland Crab Design

with local graphic artist David McMullen Sr

What is Design a Light?

Design A Light, LLC is a personalized, creative lamp solution for indoor and outdoor use. We are based in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.  Check us out at upcoming Local Shows!

We can teach you how to assemble your own lamp or if you are local we will be glad to arrange for you to pick it up, perhaps on site at one of our craft shows. 

We are delighted to partner with graphic artist, David McMullen Sr. for our specialty Maryland Themed Lamps.

These marvelous lights are sure to bring new life to your outdoor patio, RV campsite, man cave, kids room or wherever!